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Barbie_defining the beauty

Beauty which became ugliness. Coppies. Obsession and possessiveness. Easthetics of the standard.

Has this mass distributed beauty lost essential part of its easthetics? Is the essence of the beauty its uniquness in space and time?

Anyway we cannot deny attractiveness of tall, blonde women who looks like masterpieces of finest sculptors.

But think about the effort of such an chase for the ideal.

Global idealism turns people in its ideal products. Is this visualisation of ideal so powerful, that it twists around the victim, breaking every single bone with the screams of orgasm?

There are two different perceptions in such a process. First is the one trough objective, without euphoria, and the second one is trough subjective, that consumes energy. Idealisms very often uses unauthorized resources; drugs, trance, blindness.

Object, in its tendency to achive specific level or goal, in cases that concern survival, doesent have a need to think about sources, consequences. Procces towards the goal becomes unessential. Only achivement, result, product becomes important, valid. Part that is pleasant to the eye.

Natural analogy allows us to compare "beauty" of the barbie with any real women, to define what is missing; to determine is someone beautiful or not. Standard easthetics.

Barbie...contemporary doll, toy, ideal, that every little girl wants in its collection ..and that every big girl want to look like.

Popolarity that Barbie has, makes it so perfect? It is ideal combination of doll and actress. Strategic distribution of standard easthetics trough a doll, for popularity (marketing).

p.s same thing happened with the word "shit" when they started using it on tv..



Politics and architecture/urban planning

As far as i know every our move (as architects) must be related to a political/investitors desicion and/or law rules/limitations, altough first one often excludes the second one. Limitation rules are pretty useful and healthy for the ones who are considering problems occuring harshly, to limit the capitalist greedy for unlimited space for the offices, to protect heritage and environment, to respect the surrounding..

But what happens when your mayor is an architect?

Jamie Lerner..architect and urban planner and mayor of Curitiba three times (1971–75, 1979–84 and 1989–92). Now governer of Parana (region of Brazil which Curitiba is capital of). His work didnt consisted of building too much. Instead he was focusing on organization and management of the city. For example he avoided big expensess for dealing with floods like Sacramento and New Orleans, by buying floodplains for the city and turning them into parks..Curitiba has a nearby bay that was a dumping ground that would be extremely costly to clean up. Lerner began a program that paid fishermen for any garbage they retrieved (by the pound). This way, they can make money even outside fishing season, supplementing their income. The savings to Curitiba is in the millions.. He also started a lot of educational and social programs, like appointing the kids who doesent want to go in school as apprentices of city employs ..

Money he got from country to build the subway he used to build the Bus Rapid Transit system, using 30 times less money and solving the common problem of transportation..

Curitiba has won the award for the Most Sustaniable City in 2010..

Anyway.. i would like you to see the TED talk from this guy..maybe he will inspire you with his song..


I will stay with this topic more, because dealing the problems on organizational level could also save the architecture from engineers ((((:

Park in the city envirnoment.