The group:

    - Katarzyna Stępniak

    - Dagna Badowska

    - Stanisław Ignaciuk

    - Maciej Dylewski

    - Wiktor Loktikow

    - Łukasz Mieleszkiewicz

    - Maciej Sutuła

    The objectives:

    The objective is to collect and interpret peoples choices that represent their personal image of their city. Everybody has his own imaginary map in his mind based on their perception of directions and distances between particular objects in the city. We want to investigate where do citizens of Warsaw think the most famous buildings and locations are. Later we will compare the results of persons that are of different age or travel through the city in a different way (metro, car, by foot).

    The method:

    The tool we wanted to use to gather data is an internet game. We are aware that this way of collecting information is the fastest and most effective. We hope that with some help from informatics specialists we will be able to write the game in PHP language, design database to gather the results and then export them to ArcMap for analyzis and visualization.

    The blog:

    This blog is devided into three parts. First one describes our preliminary ideas and reflexions after consulting the specialists. The second part characterizes the process of creation of the game, both in the graphical and and programming aspect. The third part contains our conclusions based on the results of the analyzis ended with personal evaluation of our work and some comments on developing our game's potential in the future.

    Areas of interest of the research: