City Tagging

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City Tagging it is about describing the city. We walk the same route in the center of Warsaw to gather different types of information. Way is going from the Faculty of Architecture to the Warsaw Central Railway Station. We chose a path that crosses many different types of space places which can give interesting effect on our measurements like: loud road crossing, underground paths, shop windows.

Some of data we collect are objective and describe space around us (noise, luminosity, temperature) other refer to human body - its abilities and response to space (amount of steps, calories burnt, pulse, blood pressure, galvanic skin response). Our aim is to find relations between objective factors and our bodies subjective response. We want to tag the city by creating a new layer on the city map which will contain paths shaped by our results.

Group Topics/Participants:

CT1 - Noise / Luminosity

Karol Dzik

Paulina Kowalczyk

Krystian Kwiecinski

CT2 - Galvanic skin reponce / Pulse / Blood pressure

Maciek Burdalski

Anna Śliwka

Mateusz Wójcicki

CT3 - Calories burning / amount of steps

Michał Miszkurka

Semir Poturak

Kasia Westrych

CT4 - Temperature

Łukasz Iwan

Kiryl Karvat

Kama Kośka

CT5 - Velocity

Jan Rubel

Leszek Włochyński

Piotr Baszyński