NCŁ-east floating in green

"NCŁ floating in green"

New Centre of Łódź project involves the reconstruction of an area over 90 hectares of area between the streets Kilinskiego, Tuwima, Narutowicza and Kopcińskiego. This is a huge redevelopment associated with the construction of a railway tunnel under the city and the Łódź Fabryczna train station. The effect of putting rail line underground will be merging the city, which today is cut in two parts by tracks. This operation will allow to build whole new district in the city centre.

“NCŁ foating in green” project site lies within the streets Tuwim-Kopcińskiego-Narutowicza-Tramwajowa and lies in New Centre of Łódź area. Today in this quarter there are large buildings of infrastructure : old tram depot halls and Department of Water and Sewage buildings, as well as a gas station, supermarket and multi-family residential buildings located along the Narutowicza street and few housing buildings along the Kopcińskiego street and within the quarter area.

The main ideas of the “NCŁ floating in green” project:
- an area mainly for pedestrians with mainly access streets connected to the the surrounding road grid
- tram line though the area
- buildings functions: mainly multi-family housing, with services on the ground floors along the main pedestrian paths
- numerous service buildings such as shopping centre, cultural centre, sports centre and market
- isolation from a busy Kopcińskiego street (city's ring road) by escarpment and the trees along the street.

At the bottom of the escarpment small buildings (cafe’s, restaurants), partly covered by ground.
- in the place of today’s track, park which will be an extension of the existing Park 3rd
May in the direction of Łodź Fabryczna Station.
- greenery surrounding the buildings
- preservation of existing housing buildings along the Narutowicza street
- preservation of the historic tram hall – restoration and introduction of new function inside: market with the tram line going through it

In blog you will find ideas for public participation proces for New Center of Lodz project